Caterham Classic 7

The Caterham 7 Classic is like the rest of the Roadster Caterham series a licensed version of the Lotus Super Seven. The Caterham 7 Classic, an open two-seater with aluminum body, is powered by a 106-hp 1.4 - liter four-cylinder engine of the Rover Company, the 7 in 6.5 seconds accelerates the 540 kg heavy Classic from 0 to 100 km / hr. The top speed is about 177 km / h Is traditionally connected by manual five-speed gearbox, a six-speed gearbox is available for the purist roadster surcharge. Also available at extra cost heating, leather seats, vehicle painting (not included in the base price !), A continuous windshield and a cover for the interior. The Caterham 7 Classic is the cheapest model of Caterham car series and can as a kit (kit car) or fully assembled to be ordered (surcharge). You want to buy or sell a roadster ? Use this site, the major online marketplace for all types of vehicles