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The Tesla Roadster is a vehicle of the California-based Tesla Motors and an open sports car that is powered solely by an electric motor and a battery pack. The design of the Tesla Roadster comes from the British sports car maker Lotus and offers two occupants place. The series production of the Tesla Roadster began in 2008 with Lotus in England and should produce a volume of 2,000 vehicles per year. Of the Broad ago reminded of the Tesla Roadster to the Lotus Elise, which is built in the same plant. Remarkable in this electric car, the output values ​​. The electric motor with a 2-speed gearbox developed 252 hp and accelerates the Tesla Roadster now available with a torque of 375 Nm standstill in just 3.8 seconds to 100 km / h The top speed of the sports car was limited to 200 km / h in order to protect the engineering units from wear. The range of the Tesla Roadster electric car is around 350 km and it costs around € 3.50 lapidary. Thus, the Tesla Roadster is one of the cars with the lowest operating costs, apart from the cost of just under 77,000 euros once from. Since the base of the Tesla Roadster, the Lotus Elise in 2010 underwent a model change, production of the Tesla Roadster has been converted to the new model. With the 2011 model year, the now fourth revision stage of Tesla is to buy a new car, with new front and rear end now looks a lot sportier than model 2.5. Similarly, the electronics were modified to counteract the performance degradation at high outside temperatures, which was pending in the model 2.0.

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