Melkus RS2000

The presented at the IAA 2009 sports car Melkus RS2000 takes the myth of the former single sports car of the GDR, the Melkus RS1000 again and brings a thoroughbred sports car from the German car manufacturing market. The most striking highlight of the Melkus RS2000 is, as with its predecessors from the 70s the doors " a la" or the new Mercedes-Benz SL Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. All included components of the Melkus RS2000 was selected out on a low curb weight, so the sports car weighs only 950 kg. The driver of the Melkus RS2000 but does not sacrifice comfort. Thus, air-conditioning, airbags and ABS are traveling in the sports car built in series. Even for a trunk with a volume of 225 liters is enough space in the Melkus RS2000. The interior can be configured individually and includes a standard two-tone leather interior. The Melkus RS2000 is fired missed with a ventilated via turbo engine with 1.8 liter displacement, which was done his faithful service to Lotus Exige and even donated a power boost to 270 hp. If you want to Melkus RS2000 call his own, must adjust to a longer delivery time. The Dresden factory will only produce 25 copies per calendar year. Better opportunities are there in this website.