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Infiniti related news

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Detroit (USA), 17. January 2018 If a car manufacturer can present a series model, follow the Motto: A study. So Infiniti at NAIAS in Detroit (15. to 28. January 2018) in the form of the "Q Inspiration...

Premiere: The Infiniti QX50

Los Angeles (USA), 27. November 2017 1. up to 10. December the gates will open for this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. If it is so far, will be among the many vehicles, a completely newly developed mid...

The-lifted Infiniti QX80

Dubai (UAE), 13. November 2017 In the year 2013 was a Facelift from the since 2010, offered for the Infiniti QX56 and the QX80. The last Update of the U.S. Full-Size SUVs is four years and the technical...

The Genesis G70 comes

Namyang (South Korea), 18. September 2017 "I prophesy it to you, the rear-wheel driven sports sedan has experienced a large Revival. Think of my words." Not too long ago, it would have been for this bold...

Infiniti Prototype 9: Back to the future

Pebble Beach (USA), 14. August 2017 A mind game: Japan calls for the end of the 1930s, Germany in racing. However, with the outbreak of the war, the Nippon racer out of the picture. Decades later, such...

Ready for the model year 2018

Geneva, 15 March 2017 Just in time for the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017), the Q50 Infiniti 2018 missed a facelift for the model year. In addition to optical energizes something has teamed with...

Comes the M4 opponents with F1 hybrid?

Geneva, 7 March 2017 Infiniti turns 2017 powerful testosterone screw at the Geneva Auto show. The noble daughter of Nissan shows a massively wide, verspoilerte and common-looking version of Q60 Coupé which...

Geneva 2017: Formula 1 hybrid Infiniti performance

Formula 1 hybrid performance Infiniti is a radical new interpretation at the motor show in Geneva (March 9-19) imagine the Q60 sports Coupé. The concept car "Project black S" should bring a powerful hybrid...

Now the automaker launches really DS

Sochaux, 28 February 2017 Eight years ago, Citroën has spun off the DS brand and introduced the first model of the new sub brand at the time with the 3 DS. While the vehicles initially as Citroën DS were...

Fine Fuffziger

Detroit (United States), 10 January 2017 Do you know Infiniti? Yes? This is good. But understand the nomenclature of the Nissan Nobel daughter? So: Q stands at the rear for "normal" vehicles, while all...