Infiniti M37

Toyota led the way with its Lexus brand, the Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese Nissan Group launched the Infiniti M37 a new luxury model on the market that sound the attack on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 series to. The Infiniti M37 offers like the basic version of the new Infiniti M series without them is not luxurious. When driving in an Infiniti M37 V6 petrol engine with 3.7-liter engine is used, which fueled the car with 320 horsepower - the top model, the M56 operates a 420-hp V8 with 5.6 liters ! Already in the Infiniti M37 driver and passengers enjoy plenty of comfort and safety elements that take your money other manufacturers : A high-quality audio system with hard drive navigation, blind spot warning, 2-zone climate control and electrically adjustable seats include factory tours the standard of the M-Class the Japanese. Also the seat elements can be seen in the chic leather and wood and metal applications in the interior of the Infiniti M37 optically useful supplement. Whether the Infiniti M37 can prove against his German opponent will be decided by the new car buyers.