Infiniti LE

The Infiniti LE is an electric car manufactured by Nissan and daughter in cooperation with Renault, which already with Zoe or the Renault Fluence ZE have the technical know-how for the electric drive. With a length of 4.74 meters the Infiniti LE is a sedan of the caliber of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, you should be able to accommodate five passengers. Many components does the Infiniti LE of the G37 series produced since 2009 by the Japanese. To drive the car Infiniti LE assumes a synchronous electric motor with a power output of 134 hp. Power transfer in the Infiniti LE via a one-step automatic and allows the electric car to a top speed of around 135 km / h reach. The current for the motor is installed in the vehicle floor from lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 24 kW / h and can drive the Infiniti LE 160 kilometers without charging. An integrated navigation system with a large LCD screen shows the driver of the Infiniti LE on the way to the nearest charging station. Depends on the Infiniti LE at the outlet, it takes between 3 (with fast charging) and 8 hours to reach full charge.