Infiniti builds Playstation racer

Shanghai ( China ), April 29, 2015

Virtually all major manufacturers own virtual model for the racing game Gran Turismo 6 already provided. Recently, the same goes for Infiniti, which provided its Concept Vision Gran Turismo in December 2014. Download. One have the console of cars Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mini, Infiniti and Co. in common: they are extremely flat, extremely wide, as a rule, have a lot to large wheels and a ridiculous amount of power. More rarely, it happens that a manufacturer brings its console effusion on the road. Infiniti has now done exactly, revealing the real model of his GT6 - cars at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2015.

Goes through as group design

Of course, this is "real" Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo heavily oversubscribed, certain similarities to the studies Q80 Q60 Concept Inspiration and yet can not be argued away. Infiniti's design director Alfonso Albaisa said: " Inspiration Q80, Q60 of the Concept and the Concept Vision Gran Turismo are all thematically different, yet they speak with one Infiniti design language. "

V8 hybrid drive

Is powered Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo by a 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 in the front - mid-engine layout. The unit is supported by an electric motor. Exact performance data and measured values ​​has not been announced Infiniti. However, if you look at times in the distant future an Infiniti supercar on the road, please remember this study. Certain similarities we would not rule out. end ( sw )