Infiniti EX37

Nissan Nobel offshoot launches the Infiniti EX37, a mix of coupe and SUV on the car market to operate in 2009 with counterparts such as the BMW X1 or Dodge Caliber at eye level. What makes the difference here, however, from another novelty. The design of the Infiniti EX37 is reminiscent of its American origin on the market, the Nissan offshoot year is already more active. Motorised the Infiniti EX37 is equipped with a V6 - cylinder petrol engine which draws 320 hp from a displacement of 3.7 liters. The maximum torque of the coupe-SUV crossover is 350 Nm. Over the full four-wheel drive, coupled with a 7-speed automatic, the Infiniti EX37 brings its power to the road and reaches a top speed of 240 km / hr (factory specifications). The tires are sitting on massive 18-inch aluminum wheels, and complete the picture of the vehicle. The off-thought does not arise in view of the interior of the noble interior. Fine carpets and bright seats can no thought to arise SUV, and that is what does not pretend to give the Infiniti EX37. The combination of coupe and SUV is conveyed very effectively and must not at all against the BMW X6 hide. Incidentally, the standard equipment is designed so abundant, that would hardly be retrofitted gimmicks.