Geneva 2017: Formula 1 hybrid Infiniti performance

Formula 1 hybrid performance

Infiniti is a radical new interpretation at the motor show in Geneva (March 9-19) imagine the Q60 sports Coupé. The concept car "Project black S" should bring a powerful hybrid drive unit from the formula 1 on the road. Black S was developed in cooperation with the Renault sport formula one team and will explore how the public reacts to this approach of a high performance sports car of this brand.

The Powertrain, which is conceived for the project black S, has an energy recovery system (ERS), which can use the electrical energy while driving to increase the power and torque of the actual motor. The project black S combines a gasoline engine as the 3, 0 l V6 twin turbo engine and a high-performance hybrid technology.

The ERS is both with a motor generator unit K-unit (MKU K) equipped, the kinetic energy from braking to save, as well as with motor generator unit H units (MKU H), that can access directly to the Turbo of V6 engine heat energy produced by the exhaust gases. Even though this concept has proved its formula 1 for years, no vehicle is equipped today with a MGU-H unit. The energy delivered by the MGUs is stored in a high performance lithium ion battery. Infiniti drive engineers have calculated that ERS contributes to an approximately 25% increase in maximum performance.

The vehicle for the first time shown in Geneva is equipped in addition with a number of other modifications, which allow a maximum performance. This includes a powerful, very light and double running exhaust system made of titanium. Among other things easy 21-inch wheels and numerous carbon components should help, to compensate for the additional weight of the dual hybrid system. (ampnet/SM)