Fine Fuffziger

Detroit (United States), 10 January 2017

Do you know Infiniti? Yes? This is good. But understand the nomenclature of the Nissan Nobel daughter? So: Q stands at the rear for "normal" vehicles, while all SUVs and SUV QX hot. This is followed by the number: 30 (format Mercedes a-class) up to 80 (format parking ban). Why we tell you everything? At the Detroit Auto Show Infiniti 2017 shows the new QX50 concept.

Lots of noise, but little concrete

The QX50 concept is a near-series development of the study "QX sports inspiration", the 2016 to see was at various car shows. Infiniti itself speaks of the next generation a "mid-size" premium crossovers. Visually notice the low roof line at the rear and the large grille. It will not be much more concrete, the press release was made in platitudes such as "muscular lines" and "flowing surfaces". Specific information about the dimensions are missing, so a look at the current lineup of the brand is necessary.

Technology revolution under the hood

There is still the old QX50 a 4.74 meters long SUV, on the US market which formerly EX was called and was offered in Germany. The us also available Q50, a 4.80 m long sedan with 2.85 meters wheelbase is similar. In these climes, the new QX50 might be found. Thus he ranked below the QX60 (4.99 meters) and the mighty QX80 (5.30 metres). And when does the QX50 study in series? Probably beginning of 2018, because under the Hood could for the first time a motor revolution hiking. The two-liter turbo gasoline engine with variable compression to save fuel compared with similar powerful V6 engines by up to 27 percent. (rh)