Comes the M4 opponents with F1 hybrid?

Geneva, 7 March 2017

Infiniti turns 2017 powerful testosterone screw at the Geneva Auto show. The noble daughter of Nissan shows a massively wide, verspoilerte and common-looking version of Q60 Coupé which could have 500 Horsepower. The whole thing is called project black S and looks beyond doubt after 500 HP. The only problem is: there's no engine at all. Only the idea to an undeniably exciting drive train is so far. It should benefit from great formula 1 technology and expertise and be the world's first engine, equipped with a motor-generator unit on the turbocharger of a series cars. Sounds like a terrible engineer gibberish? We like to educate...

Cooperation with Renault F1 team

If you regularly watch formula 1, then you know perhaps, that Infiniti sponsor of Red Bull Racing was. On their car the cooperation not went beyond a small sticker but. Now there is (again) a Renault F1 team and by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Infiniti has a cooperation with Renault's F1 engines team suddenly am run. Not quite impractical if you want to make a 500-HP BMW M4 opponents on the legs. That is likely, if it comes, listen to the names of Q60 Black S and as the basis of the new Infiniti 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo-V6 themselves, the one currently in a 405-Horsepower version of the Q60 red S gets.

Much functional aerodynamics

The most ruthless project black S in adding London Design Studio has been drawn. The yellow brake calipers and rear wing is the color of the Renault F1 team. Probably even more Bieber could stay in the two-flow titanium exhaust system. Front splitter, rear diffuser, fenders and side skirts are made of carbon. Air blades in takes the air around the lower parts of the body and provide output in conjunction with the rear diffuser. The huge carbon rear spoiler has the same thing in mind. The almost even scary big air intakes at the front to provide engine compartment and brake with fresh air, while send air vents in the bonnet dissipate heat that would otherwise provide too much pressure under the car. The forged 21-incher should be easier than the smaller wheels in the normal Q60. You are covered by flares on the wheel arches. The track of the black S the real body is wider, but isn't.

Dual hybrid technology from Formula 1

It is really interesting when you look into the potential engine compartment of the Q60 project black s As in formula 1's to several motor-generator units (so-called engine generator units, MGU) and a battery pack type. The MGU-K stores energy from braking. Currently available hybrid vehicles do not otherwise. The so-called MGU-H units that are mounted directly on the Turbo of V6 engine, however, are new. You save heat energy produced by the exhaust gases. The resulting additional power can now be used to allow faster turn crankshaft and turbos. In a street car that has implemented so far nobody, but Infiniti tried it for the black s One speaks of a roughly 25 percent increase in performance and a delay-free acceleration. At the Geneva Auto Show 2017 (March 9-19) Infiniti wants to explore the interest in an own high-performance model, which later also a whole Black suburban family could be. (black & white)