Infiniti Prototype 9: Back to the future

Pebble Beach (USA), 14. August 2017

A mind game: Japan calls for the end of the 1930s, Germany in racing. However, with the outbreak of the war, the Nippon racer out of the picture. Decades later, such a silver arrow appears in a barn. Pure fantasy, was added. But precisely these Considerations of the study Infiniti Prototype 9, the on 20. August 2017 in the American Pebble Beach, is presented. Particularly exciting it is, however, under the sheet metal.


The number after the: the story of The Prototype 9 starts as an evening project of some of the Nissan employees. Why the number 9? Now, it is pronounced in Japanese is "kyuu", so similar to English Q" the conventional Infiniti-series-hugging ". In the body of the race of the steel sheets were brought by Hand to a wire frame in the Form. This free-standing 19-inch wheels with spokes optics come to the old school, to a power steering system has been omitted.

Electrical views of the new Leaf

In the truest sense of the word exciting is the drive technology. Infiniti boss Roland Kr├╝ger speaks of an "electric powertrain of the next Generation, looks quite real in the future." You mean: Here is the technique of the upcoming Nissan Leaf, the 6 works. September 2017 will be presented. It is also with a 2.70 Meter long wheelbase of the Prototype 7 points. The basis of the so far, in the Leaf's optional Lithium-ion battery with 30 kilowatt-hours of capacity. With a view to the further figures show that the new Leaf will be stronger and faster. 148 HP and 320 Newton-metres of it are now, compared to 109 HP and 254 Newton meters are up to date. The maximum speed is 144 km/h on a Tempo 170. In 5.5 seconds, the Infiniti dashes to 100 km/h, however, he weighs only 890 kilograms. For the new Nissan Leaf are calculated, therefore, for a few seconds. The electric range remains in the dark, the Prototype 9 should be able to drive under race conditions for 20 minutes under power.(rh)