Honda Shuttle

With the Honda Shuttle, the Japanese manufacturer founded in 1983, its entry into the world of the family van ' s Thus, the compact van should compete against established competitors to its VW Sharan, Toyota Previa or Opel Zafira. Already from the start of production of the Honda Shuttle was delivered with an optional third seat and was able to accommodate up to seven passengers. A first review of the Honda Shuttle car was completed in 1987. The van is now oriented very close to the Honda Civic or Prelude and was delivered with a refined interior as a new car. The third and final generation of the Honda Shuttle was produced from 1995 to 2001. The minivan was significantly enlarged and could measure up to its competitors as a vehicle length of 4.75 meters. During the construction of the Honda Shuttle was equipped only with a four-cylinder petrol engine, which was coupled to a four-speed automatic. The 2.2 - liter displacement of the Honda Shuttle cars bring out impressive 150 hp of power. A facelift, the engine to 2.3 - liter displacement was expanded, the performance, however, remained the same.