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China SUV looks like a Lamborghini Urus

Munich, Germany), 5. June 2018 It is not so long, because it was rubbing on the car constantly measure their eyes in amazement. At least, if it ran at the booth of a Chinese car manufacturer in the past...

Trainees build Skoda Sunroq

Mladá Boleslav, 4. June 2018 Skoda? Modest, down-to-earth, reasonable. Or? At least, you would not believe the Czech car manufacturer, that he plastered its Logo on a slightly absurd-looking SUV convertible...

550 HP for the F-Pace

New York(USA)/Kronberg, 28. March 2018 Here is the latest proof for the SUV madness that has invaded the world. At the New York Auto Show in 2018 (28. March to 9. April), presented to Jaguar for its new...

Cadillac's „small“ SUV

New York (USA), 28. March 2018 In case you were wondering: no, Cadillac is not a Whit different than other Premium car manufacturers. What is in demand, SUVs, SUVs, and once again SUVs. In the States...

Forgotten studies: the BMW E1

Munich, 26. March 2018 You know the feeling? In the case of some full-bodied advertised novelty you might think: Everything ever been there. Old wine in new bottles. That's the way it went for me recently...

Jaguar XJ6: single piece with music

Geneva (Switzerland), 7. March 2018 At Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works automotive dreams come true: whether it Is the posh restoration of the early Range Rover or the original replica of the Jaguar D-Type...

Jaguar I-Pace: All The Info

Graz (Austria), 1. March 2018 The hunt for Tesla is opened: as good as all the Premium brands bring in the next few years electric cars on the market that will provide you with the Products of Elon Musk...

Rolls-Royce: The Cullinan comes

Chichester (UK), 14. February 2018 Prior to now three years, Rolls announced-Royce to develop a "completely new model, the luxury travel is a new provision." Or to say it more profane, the first SUV of...

Jaguar D-Type: The Rebirth

Kronberg, 9. February 2018 Imagine that Mercedes would build spontaneously a few more copies of the 300 SL Gullwing. Excluded? Now, Jaguar is now doing something Similar: 62 years after the construction...

Special model Land Rover Defender V8 Works with 405 HP

Kronberg, 17. January 2018 With an exclusive high-performance version of the all-wheel drive icon, Land Rover Defender ushers in the year of 70. Brand birthday. The Defender Works V8 will be launched as...