Hummer H3

The HUMMER H3 is the smallest model in the American auto HUMMER brand and settled in the area of ​​modern SUV 's for the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Range Rover on. Since 2006, the HUMMER H3 import into Europe is possible. The compact HUMMER H3 is 43 inches shorter than the H2 and is 4.74 meters long, with a similar level as the competitors. Since 2009, the Hummer brand to a Chinese company pending offers the SUV since 2010 with a bio-ethanol engine in the 300 hp, making at a torque of 434 Nm and the gasoline used in the Hummer H3 consumption and CO2 emissions old can look, much to the delight of environmentalists. The Hummer H3 consumption is indicated by average 13.8 liters of bio-ethanol. The consumption and the HUMMER H3 price, which is for a new car at about 39,000 euros, scare many customers from buying, but the ride in this SUV is an unforgettable experience, so many car enthusiasts the HUMMER H3 rent to him to have moved at least once. The HUMMER H3 has all round disc brakes and permanent all-wheel drive with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. The top version HUMMER H3 Executive is provided with electric leather seats and a high quality hi-fi system with CD changer and navigation system.