Old Diesel? Here there are sick and tired of coal

Cologne, 3. August 2017

Whether it is effective or not: the owners of German Euro-5 and Euro-6 diesel vehicles will get a Software upgrade. How it looks at the import brands, remains unclear, at the request of the Association of international motor vehicle manufacturers (VDIK) gave no opinion. Especially the owners of older Diesel are screwed, but prior to 2009, when the Euro 5 standard was introduced. Here, trade-in programs the manufacturer to be interesting. We will show you, where there is currently what are the sums for old cars.

Ford silvered old Diesel

Most clearly pushing Ford to the front. The company is aimed at all owners of Diesel Cars of Euro standards 1, 2 and 3 with a first registration and up to 2006. Prerequisite admission to the own names of at least six months. Who brings as a private customer, the vehicle to Ford, and there, free of charge, scrapped, will receive a Bonus of between 1,750 and € 8,000 in the purchase of a new Ford. Except for the Focus RS and the Mustang, but curiously, the Focus Electric. Some examples: 1.750 Euro pays Ford for when buying a Ka+, 4.000 Euro Fiesta and Euro 7,000 in the Mondeo. A whopping 8,000 euros for lovers of the Edge (only available with Diesel!) and the Mondeo Hybrid. In the Latter case, the new price drops then of 36.100 on the 28.100 to Euro. The goal of Ford is to get 50,000 old Diesel from the road.

Or rather have a Toyota?

Is ambitious Toyota: Who wants to exchange his used Diesel (regardless of year) against a hybrid model of the brand, gets a total bonus of 4,000 euros. Mercedes is planning a four-digit bonus for owners of Euro 4 diesel engines and the purchase by the end of 2017 a new Mercedes. BMW attracts up to 2,000 euros, for the purchase of a BMW i3, a Plug-in Hybrid or a Euro 6-new vehicles of the brands Mini and BMW. To Audi, may 31. October 2017, a minimum of four months on a certified car, which originates from the Volkswagen group and receives a non-closer-called exchange premium, when a A4, A5, A6, or Q3 is purchased.

Bonuses at Mazda and Nissan

With discounts almost every car manufacturer, but only a few put lures on exchange premiums. Private customers can get when purchasing a new Mazda 6 and the simultaneous trade-in of the Altwagens up to 3000 Euro Bonus, in the case of the MX-5 it would be € 1,500. The promotion is valid until the end of September 2017, as well as the program of Nissan. There, it provides for the Qashqai 1,500 euros in addition to the distributors purchase price of the existing cars.

Offers from Mitsubishi and Peugeot

In the case of Mitsubishi, a used car is not absolutely necessary. Who is toying with the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, will receive the state premium of € 1,500 additional 4,500 euros. In order of price from 39.990 Euro drops to 33.990 Euro. Finally, Peugeot is worth mentioning: In the framework of the "Summer Dayz", there are up to 30. September 2017 a exchange bonus of up to 3,000 Euro. A prerequisite? You decide on a 308, 308 SW, or Partner Tepee.(rh)