BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a sedan with electric drive and enriched since 2013 by the Bavarian Group, the i-series. The BMW i3 car is somewhat reminiscent of the design of the Audi A2 and is produced in a consistent lightweight construction. Are symptomatic of the narrow styled wheels, the smooth surfaces and high gloss contrasts to the body of the BMW i3 which the minivan is very futuristic. On a chassis made ​​of aluminum, which motor, batteries and drivetrain of the BMW i3 bears (drive module) and a passenger cell made from CFRP consists of the electric car. The pressure acting on the rear wheels electric motor develops 170 horsepower and brings the new BMW i3 to a top speed of 135 km / h With a single charge, the BMW i3 achieved a range of 160 miles before the van (depending on the charger) must be connected to the power outlet again for 3-8 hours. The interior of the BMW i3 are four passenger capacity that can be supplied via an automatic climate control with fresh air. A small cargo compartment of 350 liters completes the BMW i3 from for the trip to purchasing.

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