Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2015

Chichester ( United Kingdom ), 29 June 2015

"Flat-out and Fearless " (which you can not quite as melodious translated as " Volle Kanne and without fear " ), was the motto of this year's Festival of Speed ​​, which on the Earl of March, from 25 to 28 June 2015 his lands in the southwest of England organized. We were there.

The most beautiful and rare sports car

At the 200,000 auto fools answered the call of the Lord. They had the unique opportunity to see the most beautiful, wildest and rarest sports cars of all time at full speed, to hear and to smell, which were often piloted by famous motorsport greats. In addition, use from year to year more and more manufacturers of sports cars as the Festival Fair - replacement, and showcase their latest models. In short, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​has blossomed in the 22 years of its existence into a true Mecca for fans of sports cars and motor racing.

36-meter sculpture as a landmark

Emblem of the festival was also in this year again a huge sculpture by artist Gerry Judah. As the main sponsor of the event Mazda occurred and so writhe twisted, white lacquered wooden elements in 36 meters height to wear at the top two Mazda race car. Mazda wants to his Kodo design homage, but also his motorsport tradition.

Mazda racing car at dizzying heights

And so one of the two cars at the top of the 120-ton piece of art a 787B Le Mans race cars. In 1991, he won the French course with its rotary engine and he was the first winning car with carbon brakes. At his side hung a LM55 Vision Gran Turismo. The race car was originally created only for the virtual computer simulation Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation by Sony, and is named after the number 55, to the 787B contributed his victory in Le Mans.

England premiere for the MX - 5

A whole fleet of new roadster Mazda MX-5 was also distributed as England premiere at the festival grounds. In addition, Mazda did not splash out and brought rare historical sports cars to Goodwood, including the 24-hour - of - Spa - winning RX - 7, a 767B or the Le Mans winning 787B ( click through the images of this article! ).

Hillclimbing ?? up against the clock the mountain

This year, it managed the enterprising Lord March, to get on the 600 major sporting vehicles on two and four wheels on its border clean, to the people who are associated with them. And what do they do? Driving from the paddock to the right up to the launch site, lawn in a long right turn back and only separated by a couple of straw bales on public past, and then a part of the way through a wood up the hill. After a sweep car is through, the whole entourage moves back down to the paddock and the track is released for the next loonies. " Hill Climbing " call it the English ?? a race against the clock up the hill.

35 cars in the Super Car Run

The thing is already cranky enough in itself. But the Lord is not enough, so there's even more crazy, for example, the " Super Car Run ". 35 of the hottest pieces of metal in the world were reported to drive the fastest time on the 1.87 km long mountain route. The winner was Anthony Reid on a 2015er Noble M600. In 51.33 seconds! And built in England! In second place was a Lexus LFA, controlled by Chris Ward and only 0.78 seconds slower. Third place went to Matt Becker, chief engineer of Aston - Martin, using the brand new GT12. Out of competition beat last year's winner Jann Mardenborough the new Nissan Juke R 2.0 the hill ?? and whether or not to believe Order funny ?? his time would have been enough for third place.

A Juke on two wheels

And another Juke and even a sensation: Stunt Man Terry Grant ran a Juke Nismo RS also the mountain in record time high, but ?? Hold on tight ?? on two wheels. He managed the two minutes and ten seconds. Another driver who is used to giving in record time on two wheels his best was 2015. Goodwood debut: MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi chased until his Yamaha YZR-M1 at the corners and then increased to four wheels in the Ex -Jacky - Ickx / Jochen Mass Porsche 962C to.

Gymkhana arts of Ken Block

For the first time there was this year also a special drift section. No less than King Gymkhana Ken Block gave its Goodwood debut. In his Hoonicorn, a 1965 Ford Mustang with 865 horsepower, he brought the tires to glow and painted black strip in the asphalt in front of the grandstand, so that you could see him out of sheer smoke barely. Then he grabbed the wheel of the upcoming 350-horsepower compact sports car Ford Focus RS, to the public in Goodwood could see at full speed for the first time.

World premieres at full speed

Other brands showed their innovations also for the first time in motion. So delighted Aston Martin the Lagonda sedan Zuschuer with the great, but also let the supercar volcanoes on the Hill noise that will inspire in a mini - edition of 24 copies its wealthy owner with 800 hp in a carbon shell.

Flugkunstücke the Red Arrows

And whom were from the spectators all too many cars, the easy sat on his picnic blanket, picked up a Bio - Burger ( with the finest hack of the cattle of the Lord March ), to maybe a mug of beer, and watched the Red Arrows from the Royal Air Force to that ?? like every year ?? with breathtaking Flugkunstücken for entertainment was provided ?? (ph)