Since 2010, the Nissan Juke enriches the class of small SUV 's, in the MINI Countryman, the Opel Mokka, Audi Q1 or the BMW X1 is assigned. For this, the Japanese developers have the Nissan Juke tailored an extraordinary body on the frame that was created outside of the mainstream and Glupschscheinwerfern in the massive front offers a completely new style. The technology of the Nissan Juke was the Nissan Infinity borrowed and adapted for the small SUV. Three engines are available for the Nissan Juke new cars : As the well-known 1.5 dCi diesel from Renault is used, which provides 110 hp, 175 km / h runs fast, consumes on average 5.1 liters and is only available with front-wheel drive. Both petrol engines are based on an engine with 1.6 liter displacement. By turbocharging creates the flagship of the Nissan Juke 190 HP and levels off in the average consumption of 6.9 and 7.5 liters (automatic transmission) a premium gasoline. The Vmax is 215 km / h (automatic : 200 km / h). With the Nissan Juke compressed version without ventilation, the SUV makes 117 hp and up to 178 km / h with an average fuel consumption of 5.9 l/100 km. Wheel drive is so far only available in the top engine with standard equipment ! Nissan Juke R is offered as a small edition of the SUV with sports car genes : The borrowed from the GT-R engine delivers 485 hp and 257 km / h top speed of around 450

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nicki 2014-01-17

The car was run-in and can adequately assess all its pros and cons. Let's start with the speakers.
The machine does not run - fly! Love sports mode (except he has a economical and normal). While I can not estimate fuel consumption - enough run- machine, early results do, but so far his record is 12 liters. It seems to me that the engine lacks the compressor at low engine speeds, but accelerates "Boo"!
Front quite comfortably and freely, that's about the rear of the can not say.
That's what I want to say about multimedia system - Nissan Connect. It is quite possible to use if there is no navigator. Connect with bluetooth unstable relationship often disappears. Maybe in the settings wrong? - I do not know yet.
Go on the road and the gas pedal to the floor! .. You indentation in the chair, and you do not feel the speed at all. Breezing into the turns at any speed ( in measures reason of course ) , and there is concern that the machine can tip over. Overview by large mirrors is great - all perfectly clear, no dead zones.
Exquisite machine - strongly attracts the attention of passers-by with their appearance.
1 . Many complain about the small trunk - it's true. And there are no fasteners , and that does not put it in the trunk begins to hang out there and strum .
2 . Xenon is not installed, no power seats and dual-zone climate no.
3 . No liquid level sensor for washing windows .
4 . Different sites often has unpleasant commemnts about appearance Nissan Juke and they are in negative character:'(

b.libovsky 2014-01-21

Hello world! I took a Juke but still limited version "Kuro"!!! Well now a little more detail:

1. The engine and transmission. The engine is quiet, the cabin is not audible, and works as have to for new car. 1.6 is not enough for such a body but not for racing as he took! So save comfortably. Wheels 17" too unimportant role wrapped in Continental Sport tires 215/55. Joints swallows through railway st. crossings passed too well, not like in BMW7 of cuase))) The interesting thing is this variator edish 30km/h and 1500 rev/min through 30-50 seconds on a speedometer and speed the same speed for 70))) hold on and already 90! Without jerking pleasure to drive in the city and on the highway, he felt discomfort. I like its box), after all automatic.

2 . Inside. Here button Start/Stop with reddish backlight! Black leather interior with red threads looks like beautifully! Plastic usual as Mazda 6, but the design in general interesting, unusual and cool, sit down and thought to be to blame away from the city and go to somewhere with his boys. Multimedia 6 Speakers plays 4! MP3 , CD , AUX, USB, SD card, GPS, Bluetooth, rearview camera. No ashtrays, no cigarette lighter, because I don't smoke and do not let anyone - it's cool too. Light sensor, rain when the car the mirrors folded gun, headlamp washer.

P.S. to admin: could I add my fotos here? or only in comments?

vlad keiplony 2014-01-28

Bought the car in February 2012. I took mechanics, automatic and not treated, the complete set of SE + Sport. Over the entire period of operation there were no problems, I proezdil their 1,500 km, fuel was 7.6-7.8 ( with air conditioning ) in urban traffic. Budge smoothly over 2,5 thousand revolutions did not twist - switched to a higher gear. After running expense increased by the same mode under the same conditions to 8.2 and 8.4 ( with air conditioning ) city and highway somewhere 7.2-7.4. But this is only natural: have less "shy" to provide gas at a traffic light conditions allow. Now, in winter, fuel metering to 8.6 liters. Correlated with dressing - somewhere on this level is.
About modes. I'm chasing , mostly (90 % of the time) on the Sport mode. When it is "a shame" that the engine on the green light "thinks", and all have left 20 meters, turn on this mode. Here I begin to feel myself a man, not Porsche of course, but everything is exactly the opposite - I had left 20 meters , and they "think". But seriously , you probably should go and this machine, the truth about 8.6 per 100km better to forget, the rate increases to 9,4-10, for such a small car, probably a lot. But in "checkered", you can play with a sharp start and braking. (this is not about me)))). On the route tried cruise control, nothing special, except that the fuel has risen sharply from 7.3 to 8.8 (though the speed was 140). Brakes are sensitive, such as childhood happened that on all my machines had a small free brake pedal, and then pressed a little nod and a nose, you get used quickly (two cotton swab in the nose), and half an hour as if your whole life was .
ABS works only in the winter, the main culprits: pedestrians (who do not care that the road is slippery, it is necessary to walk or run across a quick, but still not where possible). When triggered , thank God , did not go into a skid , the system coped. EBD, again in the winter, sometimes blinking, although the style of driving me calm, but it happens when you start to succumb more gas than the road surface allows. To summarize - if he did not nakosyachit, neither one thing nor the other will not work. Carefully have to go. Rubber. 215/55R17. Everything is good, everything is fine.
Suspension. Here, the speed to a minimum rear passengers fly up to the ceiling. But paving, minor irregularities, tramways "swallows" good, not even the voice rattles when you talk .))))
Noise isolation for the city goes, but on the track rather weak. My recipe - loud music. Connection via bluetooth is great, the phone connects quickly on the other end can hear well, there is no echo, he can hear even better through the speakers. Use when alone in the car - privacy ..))))) Rearview Camera (nothing to compare with, never was), but so used that it seems backwards without it I can not go.))) Sometimes in the mirror do not look, if it is allowed distance from obstacles left and right, comfortable " get ground."
Nissan Connect , there was a problem , and you launch it hangs up, the sound does not react, although shows that music "sings". Identify the causes of (and can not read the user manual), when you start it is necessary to boot the system, do not push or twist (the toggle button and control system )))). Climate control, exhibited 17 degrees in the summer, the summer passed "reeling snot on his fist ," and without it hot.))))) Warms winter long for frost -15 Starts good or as my friend says - "Great!". Oven does not cope merznu , put 22-26 degrees. Windows fogged up , plug in a book written condo, nonsense like winter , but he has to do . With wipers namudrili course, whatever it was (take out the ignition key, presses the knob to itself, ie, washes the glass...), but still not comfortable, why hide it?
Patency . You can compose legends)))) . There is much talk about the drifts, mud, fishing and forests, an unusually high cross ...)) ))) )))) In my configuration - 2 wd, car for the city and only ....
Of the recent problems, very difficult parking on the roadside on the melting snow ...
Perhaps that's enough, and I blabbed .

Jane 2014-01-31

Have a good day!
I want to share my impressions of the Juke))) This is my fourth car and I am very happy with it))) Previously I drove Peugeot 206, Opel Astra, Peugeot 308, and now I have Nissan Juke 1.6d AT 2012s))) I choice car since April. During August, dedicated test drive))) Hire a bunch of machines and was very upset((( what is happening((( not for one car did cost its money! In The Net machine so beautiful, so atractive, but as you sit behind the wheel and then disappointing((( husband suggested Nissan Juke, new kind of test with 190 horses))) was not very happy but the idea has already agreed for fun ))) I rolled on it and immediately bought! Took maxi included in unit 190 horses 2012's! gave for her 1.15 million with insurance) All in the car like! Salon made ​​far from cheap materials as here some write))) (COMPARE wITH BENTLEY NOT GOOD IDEA) All done qualitatively and tasteful! For the money a decent car is not found on the experience I know))) Now I'm a fan of Japanese))) The machine is very nimble, comfortable, multifunctional))) It is not what did not disappoint))) punctuated she certainly many options and I like it))) I feel comfortable and secure))) I wish all these emotions and feelings from their cars))

Bob, Nissan Juke 1.6 МТ 2012's 2014-02-07

Bought it in June 2012, after 4.5 years of owning Ford Fusion. According to the technical specifications, price and functionality. 9500 Mileage today including some near town and way back. Impression of the car only positive. And went through the mud and forest roads. Front seats are very comfortable, my height 180cm, great review to the stiffer suspension used on the Fusion. Engine enough for vigorous overtaking even with air conditioning. Consumption on the highway at 100 120 km/h 6.8 l, in 7-7.5. Attachments of the lattice set into the front bumper, front mudguards and guard. Upon decomposition, rear carrying a lot of different goods. I am 65 years old and friends say that youth uchudil bought the car, but trust me this car is very economical despite appearances, a very excellent standard equipment. My Nissan Juke is silver - smiling face, such black - evil. This in my life 7th car, very satisfied. Good luck on the road.

Catrine 2014-02-16

Hello!:) This is my first review, do not judge strictly) I decided to also write my own review of the Juke. Let's start in order. My first car was a Passat CC, 2009 in the maximum configuration. I buy it just randomly decided a long time to choose a car... And when I saw it in the salon, my heart just sank. I realized that here it is, my ideal car. Apply for a loan, a week later took his dream .... But, unfortunately, I'm not driving experience just has not mastered machine dimensions (bought the car and take the test at the same time). Machine some months my first car stood in the parking, I was just scared to travel on the road, I knew I got excited with this machine. Of course, I tried but could not overcome the fear. And then, crying, I sell it ...
AAfter that we became visiting auto salons again, of course liked Evog... But I can not yet afford it)))) I wanted four-wheel drive, normal clearance and so I still felt dimensions. Asked my boyfriend to go on a test drive Nissan Juke, what he said to me "uhh, it's ugly!! We don't buy this horror." But nevertheless persuaded to go but he promised me to prove that this trough will simply not go. On the test drive we were both surprised... this little trough rides, though very cheerfully and playfully) and behold, behind the wheel of the village I have. And the feeling was that I was born in it... Out of the car, in my eyes it was all clear... and loved did not even opt for sporit. We choose Nismo version: 200 hp, four-wheel drive, sport seats Alcantara. Beauty is not a super course (especially after the Passat), but I am satisfied, quite a neat and cozy. Small machine inside, who are larger - that is closely, but such as I - there can be planted two))) we have a second machine in the family, loved Audi A4. Yes, and huge bags I do not need to carry only small things. So, what I want to say is controlled my Jackie (this is what I call my Juke) just perfect, the music is not great but all this stuff for me because I can easily manage it and feel confident on the road))) until I drove about 2 miles - no problems) by the way, there is a good navigator, conveniently all in general. Put auto - start a real buzz in any frost sit in preheated machine)
What else would like to add, is the fact that I'm very sad when I read so many comments that the car is dumb, shit etc. But often reveiwer do not even ridden in it. I certainly understand that Nissan Juke is not perfect and that for this price could take something better. But on my criteria came only Juke. Let's respect each other's choice. Someone likes Audi, Peugeot someone. And every car is good. I'm happy with my choice and I sincerely wish you all feel the same. And if you want to write +what a terrible Juke - please, pass by, do not spoil the mood of anyone.))))

m56hrot 2014-04-15

Decided writing a few words about my Nissan juke. This is not my first car, before it I was own ​​Mazda 3 1.6 MT. I would want something higher. It was chosen, although all dissuaded me from this machine because of the appearance.

YES, it did not look ordinary, in a stream at you turn around. Especially when out "moose" under 1.90 m. But the car did not disappoint.:)