Lexus LF-A

The range of supercars to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche now trumps Toyota 's luxury brand with the Lexus LF-A and increases in the hunt for potential buyers with a luxurious two-seater one. The Lexus LF-A was derived from Formula 1, which is reflected in the very large rear nose and hunched posture and as a study presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005. Of his performance of the Lexus LF-A can keep up with its competitors without problems. The V8 - cylinder engine with 5.0 liter engine delivers a whopping 500 hp to the test and reaches the aid of a sophisticated aerodynamics a top speed of over 320 km / h The necessary output a retractable rear wing provides. The sprint to 100 km proceeds in the Lexus LF-A in skimpy 4 seconds. Interior and interior were designed in a modern and useful leather and aluminum. Interface information for the Lexus LF-A is a round speedometer in the instrument optics, by all important data is passed to the driver. For the fresh air fanatics of sports car is available as a Lexus LF-A Roadster in an open version.