Renault Twingo R.S.

The Renault Twingo RS Gordini Twingo RS is the sportiest car of the French bestseller on four tires, which is sold as a new car since March 2012 and stylize compared to FIAT 500 or the VW Polo GTI. With the facelift in late 2011, the Renault Twingo RS benefits from several improvements of the small car and pressed with another optical subtleties in a sporty direction. The sporty Renault Twingo RS model differs from its brethren by a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser indicated. The most striking difference of the Renault Twingo RS infected but under the hood of the small car. Here's a four-cylinder petrol engine with 1.6 - liter displacement of 133 hp and develops 160 Nm of maximum torque transmitted to the front wheels. Thus equipped, the Renault Twingo car is powerful from the prior release (8.7 seconds to 100 km) and runs on top speed of 201 km / h top speed. Compared to the predecessor produced since 2008 when Renault Twingo cars, could by various changes in the periphery, the average fuel consumption of 6.5 liters of premium will be reduced (previously 6.8 l/100 km). Looking for a sporty small car as new or used car ? In this website you will find the Renault Twingo RS