Audi: "Electric cars are the only way to achieve objectives"

For the time being, Audi is fully committed to EVs

It may be clear that not everyone agrees with the measures to reduce CO2 emissions. And what if these people are in charge in Europe or America? Have car brands developed all those EVs for nothing? At least Audi is not so concerned about that, the CEO says in an interview with [Automotive News Com/).

Ane asks Audi CEO Gernot Döllner what would happen if, for example, Trump was elected. His answer is: "Even if there is a willingness to change the laws again, we would not have a new political situation before the end of this decade. Until then, the current rules are valid and we will be within these rules "for the time being the transition to EVs will continue.

The CEO also hints that you do not have to expect a hydrogen cars from Audi for the time being: 'At the moment there is no other technology than electromobility that could do these goals' In the interview, Döllner says clearly about the future: "We [Audi ] go completely electric. That's the route, that's technological "

The end of the combustion engine is approaching

"There is no relevant market for Audi on which the combustion engine will continue to run indefinitely. In China, our last combustion engines, which we present in 2026, will probably only appear the following year. If you assume a classic life cycle of seven years, you are ready for the middle of the next decade, "explains the CEO.

So by 2035 it is not only ready in Europe with the combustion engines for Audi, at least also in China. So we can enjoy the brand for another ten years (and perhaps something diesels) of the brand, but if the rules do not change drastically, the future of Audi consists of electric cars. Still quickly looking for a stock model of the Audi R8?