Video: See how a motorcycle agent shows countless links on the A9

Finally a little justice

The large handbook of frustrated motorists contains a few tactics that you can apply if you see someone unnecessarily driving left. For example, you can overtake and clear a lane very clearly along the nose of the left patch to set a good example - or you can ride on the right -hand lane yourself and put bumper sticking there. But you would prefer to do what this motorcycle agent does in this video from a while ago.

Below you can see a video of traffic agent Emiel. His experience, but also that of the rest of the Netherlands, is that people often get stuck in the middle lane. In this case on the A9 when the rush -hour lane is open. The ticket for unnecessary left driving is 270 euros, but in this case the agent issues warnings. A pity somewhere, because given the amount of violations, a gap in the budget could be closed like that.

If you are neatly driven 100 km/h on the right -hand lane and you get someone who is sleeping in the middle lane with 95 km/h, then this agent will not give you a fine for that, he explains in the comments below the video. We will therefore forgive him that he calls a pick-up a "jeep". Check the video below.

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