Bargain? You can now buy a full parking garage in Amsterdam, if you dare

It's not for nothing that they call the garage the 'Buitenorplein'

It sounds like a good idea: starting an underground parking garage in the most expensive parking city in the Netherlands. But in this case it was just as good idea as drinking one beer with the boys while you have to help move the next day. The parking garage on Staringplein in the Amsterdam district of Oud-West appears to be such a drama that the municipality now wants to get rid of it.

In 2005, the municipality of Amsterdam put no less than 3.2 million euros in the construction of the garage for sixty cars. Immediately there was misery with the system that had to scan the license plates and the elevator faltered regularly. The parking garage was soon called "Storingplein". Due to the many defects, the municipality threw another one and a half million euros against it in 2017.

The garage has been empty for four years

It didn't help all, so the garage has been vacant since June 2020. That year the supplier of the lift system also went bankrupt. The municipality investigated later that year whether the entire parking garage could not be replaced. After four years of consideration, the municipality decides that a replacement makes no sense and so someone else may have the space.

"The Staringpleingarage has camped with challenges from the start," a spokesperson for the municipality told [the com/). The municipality acknowledges that the investment "did not deliver the expected results" and now looks at whether they can find a buyer. What the municipality of Amsterdam asks for the parking garage is unknown.

The garage on the Disrore Square is not a garage where you drive into yourself. You park the car in the elevator, and the garage ensures that it is neatly put away somewhere. When picking up you call the car via a terminal, causing the car to rise. If there is a malfunction, you cannot drive the car outside independently. You understand how this can cause problems.

What should the parking garage in Amsterdam be now?

The local residents respond to the news at the Amsterdam newspaper. They fantasize about a new zoning plan for the parking garage. One Amsterdammer thinks of "an underground swimming pool to a mushroom farm" or a "bicycle shed". Another residents think that the parking garage must be able to use a renovation: "Right to the neighborhood just does a parking garage, but with someone else" comes the best idea of another citizen. He sees the site as "an ideal location for house parties".

A video of a similar garage