Why the new Mercedes Actros (with diesel engine) looks so different

You will spot this on the highways in a while

If a new truck is unveiled, we usually skip it, but for a truck that has a horseshoe nor like Hulk Hogan, we are happy to make an exception. This is the new Mercedes Actros L - and although it looks very electric, it is just a diesel truck. At the end of this year it will go into production and you can meet him on public roads.

If you are not completely sure why the Mercedes Actros looks so different, take a look at the old one. The big difference with its predecessor - and with most trucks - is that the Actros has no huge grille. Where the logo is on the truck is now a smooth surface. And you have to get used to that. The reason is aerodynamics. The small grille at the bottom is sufficient for the engine.

The Actros has already been unveiled as an electric truck

It is no coincidence that the Actros looks "so electric". Last year the fully electric version of this truck was unveiled, and it looked exactly like that. With electric vehicles, the appearance is more than dictated by aerodynamics to maximize the range. And if you still have an efficient design, why wouldn't you apply it to a diesel?

In addition to smooth appearance, the nose is 80 millimeters longer than before, which also ensures favorable results in the wind tunnel. Even the entry for the driver is streamlined at the Mercedes truck. If you were to view the new Actros from below, you would find even more aerodynamic elements there. The appearance ensures a diesel saving of 3 percent.

The engines of the Actros

Companies can choose from a 10.7, 12.8 and even a 15.6-liter diesel engine for the Actros L. The 12.8-liter version must be the economy wonder of the three and is 4 percent more economical than before. That doesn't sound much, until you start calculating how much a truck drives in the year, and how much diesel it burns. Then it can still be a nice saving.

Just like with modern cars, trucks are equipped with a lot of driving assistants. For example, he warns of pedestrians who walk directly in front of the truck and for cars in the blind spot. In addition, there are a load of cameras and sensors that must ensure that the driver does not get into trouble on the way. You can order the truck directly if you want.