You can now buy wheels from the Gymkhana videos from Ken Block for charity

And a lot of other things from the famous videos

Even the best script writer in Hollywood could not have come up with this. A businessman and marketer accidentally transform into a drift hero whose world did not know he needed him. Ken Block sold his share in DC Shoes in 2004 to pursue his dream: a career in rally riding. That dream became reality, thanks in part to the internet sensation that became his Gymkhana series.

This beautiful story came to an abrupt end just over a year ago. Now you can get a piece of the estate of Ken Block. To honor block, but also to support a good cause. "From the collection: Ken Block" is offered on COM/E/P&A/from-the-collection-Ken-Block-032724). This auction consists of all kinds of memorabilia from Block's career. Exactly 43 auction pieces are offered, similar to Blocks starting number.

Buy car parts that Block used

The auction partly consists of caps, signed photos and phone cases. The most special stuff is the parts that literally get rid of Block cars. Think of a wheel cabinet of Block's personal Ford Raptor with Hoonigan-Bestikkering. Or a front bumper from the Ford Fiesta RS WRC Rally car that Block used in 2015.

In addition, there are a lot of demolished parts that come directly from Gymkhana videos. For example, Block climbs the notorious Pikes Peak in Climbkhana with a 400 hp Mustang. A burnt clutch plate from the Mustang also goes under the hammer. In addition, you can bid on wheels from Gymkhana 10 and Electrikhana 2. Moreover, a curved damper is offered that figured in Gymkhana 8 and a splitter of the Mustang Hoonicorn from Gymkhana 7.

The charity of Ken Block

The proceeds from the auction go to the charity of Ken Block: the 43 Institute. This foundation tries to open doors for talents in motorsport, art and extreme sports. TopGear spoke with the widow of Ken Block, Lucy, at the camper of the family in Moab. Daughter Kira participated in the Easter Jeep Safari. At the same time, Kira's older sister Lia rides in the F1 Academy.

"Ken probably did not realize that helping others would be one of his inheritances, but so many people said that Block words meant a turning point in their lives or careers. We continue to work on this with the 43 Institute: helping people who might otherwise have difficulty gaining access to jobs, skill development and improving psychological and mental health, "says Lucy Block.

How Block started with Gymkhana

"With the first video it was a matter of" show what a car can do. " It was not the intention to turn it into a viral phenomenon, there were no sponsorships. It was very raw, but Ken could not turn off his brain, so it was his of course instinct to think "Well, that worked, we didn't expect it to work so well, so how we can do it even better”. He didn't just made Gymkhana videos because that is what he wanted to do-he made them because he could pay rally riding. That's not a cheap "

Given the number of demolished parts of Ken Block that are now going to the auction, we can imagine that the videos themselves were not very affordable. But we all enjoyed it. You can offer on the auction pieces until 13 April.