Lancia wants to go back in rally sport, but under one condition

The return of the Stratos? Or would you prefer an Ypsilon HF?

Lancia is completely back. Not only is the new Ypsilon available outside its own national borders, HF logo with the elephant is also back. This is the prelude to hotter Ypsilon, you would say. And what comes after a hotter Ypsilon? Hopefully a hot delta. And we hope the return of the HF Lancia Racing Team to Rallysport. The brand itself is also hungry, but under one condition.

Rally platform Com/Rally/Lancia-Confirms-IT-Is-on-A-Return-to-Rallying/) spoke with Lancia about a possible return to the rally. "As we see now, there is a great love and passion about Motorsport, with many fans who have been following us for a long time. We are working on a return of Lancia in the rally, knowing that it is a significant marketing lever, "says the Lancia spokesperson. So there is one but this story.

Lancia wants to make money with the rally sport

"We come back to the world of the rally, only if the efficiency on the investment meets our expectations," adds the spokesperson. Lancia will therefore put the financial department to work to see what it costs to return to the rally world and what it will recover. Lancia must then also decide in which class (s) the brand wants to rally ride.

The WRC went to hybrid engines in 2022, but returns. From 2026 the Rally1 cars will run again with only a combustion engine. At the same time, Lancia wants to be a fully electric car brand. There, the future plans of the sport do not rhyme with those of the brand. But oh well, other larger car brands with the same ambition participate (or will participate) in the WEC or F1, where also with hybrids is driven.

Another possibility for Lancia is the World Rallycross Championship. From this year the rally cars will run on electricity and gasoline in the same class. How cool would it be to see a rally polo racing on asphalt and mud against an Ypsilon HF? Or would Lancia build an electric Delta Evo especially for this, just like Special One Racing? If that is the case, we hope that these Lancias will not catch a flame.