The BMW X2 is an SUV that is offered as a two-door coupe in the form of a. The new BMW X2 builds on his model brother X1, but falls off the roof center the silhouette much steeper from the rear and thus shows a significantly sportier design of the SUV. As has already been successfully practiced in the BMW X6 to be addressed, in addition to know the advantages of an SUV also appreciate luxurious facilities with the new or used BMW X2 an individual target audience. This is where the BMW X2 will complete the SUV segment of the Bavarian manufacturer. Unlike the model brother, the engine range of BMW X1 starts with the (s) may be the xDrive20i develops 184 hp from a 2.0 - liter displacement and an optional 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. Most powerful petrol engine is the BMW X2 xDrive29i with 245 hp and 240 km / h. The diesel engine of the BMW X2 be motorized by a 2.0-liter turbo engine that delivers 177 hp and 217 km / h fast. Topdiesel the BMW X2 is the xDrive23d, which provides 204 hp with turbo charging and up to 223 km / h top running. In addition to the four-wheel drive, the 8-speed automatic in this car BMW X2 is installed in series.

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