Renault Kangoo

In 2008, the Renault Kangoo celebrated its 10th anniversary and paid tribute to the Renault Kangoo with the construction of the second generation. The first high-roof station wagon, which is also available as a four-door and five-door body, brought the French manufacturer a real boom. It is no wonder that the French Renault Kangoo offers multiple engine and trim levels. The second generation Kangoo models are now about 18 inches longer - a total of 4.2 meters long - and offer more space than the models of the first generation of the Renault Kangoo. Also new are the engines for the variable since November 2010 have been combined with their sparse and self-pollutant igniter: a Renault Kangoo Diesel offers the French manufacturers Renault Kangoo dCi 75 FAP 75 hp dCi 110 FAP with 110 hp and eco ² dCi 90 FAP 90 bhp at which consumes just 5.2 liters diesel on average. All diesel engines are equipped from the factory with a diesel particulate filter (FAP). In addition there is a Renault Kangoo 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 87 hp or 106 hp. Furthermore, the customer can his orders in the Renault Kangoo Renault Kangoo equipment variants Happy Family, Privilege, expression or Authentique. In the first generation in addition to the standard models were some special models such as the Renault Kangoo 4x4 and various equipment lines such as the Renault Kangoo campus to choose from. The commercial vehicle variant of Kombivans goes by the name Renault Kangoo from the tape. Since February 2011, the van comes with a modified front and rear and a geliftetem fitted in series with the electronic stability program ESP. Looking for a cheap station wagon or van with a diesel or petrol engine? In this website you can find your new or used car from the Renault Kangoo at a fair price, for example, when Renault Kangoo 1