Dacia Duster dCi 90

The Dacia Duster dCi 90 since the spring of 2012 the new base model with a diesel engine and triggers the dCi 85 from which is now more than buying Used Dacia Duster. The SUV is based on the figures otherwise on the successful model and become more of a bestseller of the Romanian brand, which is under the auspices of Renault. The 1.5 - liter four-cylinder diesel engine 90 hp, sprints from a standing within 13.8 seconds to 100 and running with front-wheel drive to a top speed of 156 km / h. If the Dacia Duster dCi 90 new cars equipped with optional all-wheel drive, the Nissan Qashqai adversary 2 km / h runs even faster, but needs to reach the highway pace then 14.9 seconds. Both versions of Dacia Duster dCi 90 has been designed for an improved consumption and are over 100 kilometers of track with an average of 5.3 liters of diesel (factory specifications). In addition to four airbags ABS is standard on the new or used SUV, ESP is available only in the equipment lines Ambiance, Laureate and Prestige surcharge.