The most stable new cars Sell ​​without loss of value

Sell ​​without loss of value

Driving a car is expensive. In addition to fuel and insurance suggests mainly the loss of value to book. In some models, but that is quite significantly lower than in others.

Who wants to sell his new car after four years with the least possible loss again, should choose a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. The sports car then scored according to a forecast by the magazine " Auto Bild" and market observer Schwackendorf just under two thirds of its original list price of 124,730 euros. This corresponds to a loss in value of 42 732 euros. As an annual mileage 15,000 km were adopted.

Also in other vehicle classes, there are particularly stable value cars. In the micro-car that is the Adam Opel 1.4 Ecoflex with a residual value of 57.6 percent, while the small cars of the Mini Countryman with 59.05 percent. In the compact class comes with a residual value of just under 61 percent most likely still the combination Dacia Logan MCV dCi90 as " investment " through.

Value Champion in the middle class is the combination diesel BMW 325d Touring, which is likely to find a buyer for 55 percent of the purchase price after four years. A higher class leads the BMW 530d Touring the list of about 55 percent. As usual, a problem remains the residual values ​​in the upper class. The most stable, the experts assess the Porsche Panamera 4S Executive with 53 percent.

Still more from a fall in prices suffer large vans, which have well surpassed them also in new registrations compact models and SUVs. The best cuts there from the VW Sharan 2.0 TDI with 50.6 percent. The compact van to the Dacia Lodgy suggests significantly better with approximately 57.4 percent residual value.

On a relatively safe side SUV buyers as to the performance. The experts believe that the current boom for stable and calculate the residual value of the BMW X3 xDrive 20d with 64 percent. Hardly worse cuts a notch higher from the Range Rover Sport SDV6 hybrid with almost 60 percent.

If you want to know what your Farm is still worth, we have the right information for you.

The residual value is interesting not only for leased cars, but determined at each car to a high degree the maintenance costs. Who wants to lose as little money, so you should buy a common model, which is already asked as a new car. Exotics find as a used car is difficult for a buyer. The engine plays an important role for the performance. Everyday cars with fuel-efficient engines find most interested. Especially against the background of ever-increasing fuel prices should therefore be better dispensed with many PS - unless it is a sports car. For long-haul vehicles and SUVs fit best diesel engines with its relatively low consumption, small car, however, should be generally equipped with the cheaper and more sophisticated gasoline engine.

Speaking of equipment. Women now account for extras such as air conditioning and radio duty. Also at the safety features should not be saved. The other extras depend on the class of vehicle. While a leather interior in the small car rather not provide for a buyer rush, it is essential as in the upper class. Some extras remain, even though demand for new car, used car without the influence on the price. The expensive built-Navi about is obsolete after a few years and not much worth it for the new owners.

When choosing colors, you should rely on the tastes of the masses. Not least because the vast majority of all new cars sold in the shades of black, gray and silver - so that almost anyone can second owner live. More difficult is the resale of trendy painted cars, currently about brown or bronze-colored models. Fashions change just usually quickly. What is also true for the interior: Who does not want to jeopardize the residual value of their vehicles, should also exercise restraint.