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Dacia related news

EuroNCAP: New Results

Brussels (Belgium), 13. December 2017 15 cars: The European testing organization EuroNCAP has tested in December 2017, as many vehicles as never before to a crash test. It was not only about the performance...

Lord Hans: A totally crazy Mercedes G

Monaco, 15. November 2017 Jon Olsson, his characters Freestyle skier and a successful YouTuber, known for his penchant for extremely powerful cars. Unforgettable is about the Audi RS 6 DTM with 1,000 HP...

Prices for the new Dacia Duster

Köln, 13. November 2017 The old Duster, with a starting price of 10.690 euros, the cheapest SUV on the German market. The Lada 4x4 was with a 10.790 Euro, however, are close behind. With the new edition...

Cheap SUV Version 2.0

Frankfurt/Main, 12. September 2017 After seven years, it is the first Dacia-Duster-Generation now soon you must say good-bye to in retirement. Since 2010, affordable SUV on the market. At the IAA in 2017...

Dacia shows new Duster

Boulogne-Billancourt (France), 30. August 2017 If anyone has earned his retirement, then it is the first Generation of the Dacia Duster. Since 2010, the Discount is Crossover on the market, and with more...

Driving report Lada Vesta luxury Welcome to the modern age

Welcome to the modern age Lada – the stand up until the advent of Dacia for Germany's cheapest new cars and especially for the all-terrain vehicle classic Niva (now in a simple 4×4). The models...

Diesel in a downward trend

Flensburg, 4. July 2017 Less Diesel and more gasoline, and alternative engines: This is one of the most important Trends that has emerged in the first half of 2017 in the case of the issuance of the balance...

LADA 4 x 4: The cult Russian is 40

Togliatti (Russia), 13 April 2017 Since the demise of the Land Rover Defender, he is perhaps the biggest anachronism on wheels: the LADA 4 x 4. The production of the mentioned at that time still Niva SUV...

Rustic space saver

Brühl, 22 February 2017 Slightly higher and slightly more unpainted plastic: The Dacia Sandero instep way enjoys thanks to its pseudo-terrain look for years of great popularity. Now, the Romanian subsidiary...

LADA Vesta: The prices

Buxtehude, 21 February 2017 Some time ago you thought not possible, that there will be a LADA, to eagerly anticipated. But now the first 200 Vesta in Germany have arrived. The 4.41 m long notchback sedan...