The kings of the classes

Flensburg, 7. July 2017

What are the models of the German car to the buyer? This clears the registration statistics of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Now there are the Figures for the first half of 2017. Not surprisingly, local brands dominate, particularly.

Success for the Fiat 500

The KBA uses a class allocation does not always follow common Patterns. Under the "Minis" in the broadest sense, all vehicles below four meters in length. The most popular is the VW Up with 19.242 new vehicle registrations for a class a share of 16 per cent, was here from January until June 2017. Not so far behind the Fiat 500 follows on place three of the Smart Fortwo. In the Segment of "small" dominated by cars despite the recent change in the model, the VW Polo with 40.105 new registrations and a share of 15.3 percent. Him on the heels of Opel Corsa and Skoda Fabia.

Competition for the VW Passat

Not surprisingly, the result is in the "compact class": There, the VW Golf does away with 113.998 new registrations and 27.2 per cent share of the solid, the following courses in the Opel Astra and the Skoda Octavia evidence. In the "middle class" occupies the VW Passat in the first place (37.012 registrations, 17.1 per cent), however, the Mercedes C lurks-class only a few hundred copies. Place three of the Audi A4 occupied.

Panamera can score

In the "Upper middle class" wins the Mercedes E-class with 25.481 new registrations (37.2 percent), in the "upper class" is the S-class (3.276 new registrations is equal to 22.5 per cent) of the king. Surprisingly, the Porsche Panamera is here. In the case of the SUVs, the KBA splits car in a terrain class, the classification of these vehicles remains diffuse. However, In the case of the "SUV's" the Ford Kuga (19.410 new registrations is equal to 7.6 percent) in front of the Opel Mokka and the BMW X1. The class "terrain" to control the car, the VW Tiguan (37.013 new registrations is equal to 23.6 percent), Audi Q5, and Q3.

King of the campers

In the case of the sports car, the Porsche 911, in the "Mini-Vans" the Mercedes B-class. Among the large Vans, the VW Touran is far in front in the division "Utlities" (i.e., high roof station wagons and vans) is determined by the VW Transporter. Most of the living is mobile class from a model dominated. At 68 percent, respectively, 18.411 units of the Fiat Ducato brings it there.(rh)