Genuine small car for under 10,000 euros

Cologne, June 8, 2016

From the old Ford Ka Ka + will in the future. The plus sign to express: the smallest Ford offers more in the future. Much more even. We were surprised how much more. We have explored the details in place, namely in the Ford Design Center in Köln Merkenich.

A class higher than the Ka

Many manufacturers dresses a nondescript facelift with additions such as "New" or "Nuova" on. Not so with the k +: it is not a facelift, even generational change would be to just under attack, dealing with a completely new car with a well-known name. The now expiring, second generation of Ka is based on the Fiat 500 and was produced as the Fiat in the Polish Tychy. After the end of the production one has now decided to completely change the concept: the old Ka was 3.62 meters long and belonged to the city. The k +, however, is a genuine small car with 3.93 meters in length.

More doors, more seats, longer length

Even if the man in the street not so subtly distinguishes between A - and B-segment like the professionals: 30 centimetres longer length make a significant difference. In addition the k + has five instead of three doors and five instead of four seats. The car was developed by Ford South America leading-edge and is made in the Indian Sanand. In Brazil and India, the car is already on the market.

A "value car" from emerging markets

Developed in South America, made in India: Like the Ford Ecosport the new Ka + has its roots in the emerging markets. At the Ecosport chassis and interior design in Europe suspected of so inappropriately, that Ford had to improve immediately. To avoid this error in the k + from the outset, the chassis was this time immediately adjusted the local needs. So the car is one centimeter deep and firmer suspension. Was also improved at the noise levels.

70 or 85 HP

Motors Ford not reverts but on the three-cylinder manufactured in Europe, but on the 1.2 liter four-cylinder, which is built like the rest of the car in India. He is 70 or 85 HP depending on the version, a few Horsepower more than at the corresponding Fiesta components respectively. A 100 HP strong sport variant with the Turbo three-cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost, through which some media speculated it according to Ford won't. Something would not fit naturally to the positioning as a cheap "value car". Just like a start stop system, a Navi, a collision avoidance system, or an automatic, all that is not offered in the k +.

No car for the hipster woman

Because somehow the k + must stand out by only four centimeters-long Fiesta, with which it shares the "B-car" platform and the wheelbase. And so the attainment is divided: who saves when buying car favorite money and focuses on much Interior to the k + buy, who looks sporty flair and good equipment, a fiesta. Empty out the 25-year old woman who is looking a send tiny for the city with two-tone paint, green key, much chrome and leather goes: an equivalent to the hip Fiat 500 looking for in Ford's lineup still in vain. So chic like a Fiat 500 or Adam Opel the k + not comes along, but the design is acceptable. Of course the car has the brand-typical "Superman-Grill" call him Joel Piaskovsky, the head of Ford Europe. The rest is reminiscent of the Mitsubishi space star.

Inside rather drab but also some good ideas

Inside, there are fold-down rear bench split space on the rear seats and a. The boot volume is specified with 270 litres, the maximum value is not called yet. There is also a very good front seats and lots of shelves. The rest is rather sad: as expected, given the positioning unless otherwise dominated by black hard plastic. The center stack looks like at the Fiesta. Who doesn't like the famous mouse cinema monitor, you can use the most likely greater display of his cell phone. There a compartment with lid optional central up on the dashboard. To open the cover, you can find a USB slot to recharge. And you can cross into the opening the mobile terminals the best alternative to an expensive installation Navi very practical and in the minor class.

Really cool: The compartment for the wedding ring

The k + from mid June 2016 is found, he's coming on the market in the third quarter. Prices start from 9,990 euros for the 70-Horsepower version. On board, electric Windows are electrically adjustable outside mirrors, front and central locking with radio remote control. For a fully grown small car that is really cheap, there are only a few four-meter cars under 10,000 euros. As competitors, Ford called the KIA Rio (whose 84-PS-basic version also from 9,990 euros is to have) and the Dacia Sandero there already for less than 7,000 euros. A Fiesta with 60 HP and three doors is obtained only from 12,500 euros. In addition to the initial version, there is only one more version: the Ka + cool & sound with 85 HP, the practical mobile terminal and air conditioning for 11,400 euro. We have not even mentioned the coolest by far detail at the k +: the secret compartment. It is located on the side of the dashboard, and is visible only when the door is open. Word of advice: It is an ideal place for the wedding ring on the page jump date. (sl)