Geneva Motor Show 2014 The Time of the Little

The Time of the Little

Small car, operating concepts, connectivity - what is currently speaking at the auto show in Geneva, fits into the time. This is an issue, however temporarily into the background.

The watches in Switzerland like to go a little different. But this time at least Geneva shows up with the times. While at the International Motor Show, this year of 6 to 16 March, traditional luxury manufacturers actually apply thick this year are the cars at the other end of the range the real stars of the show on Lac Léman. In addition, the visitors one of the main themes of the exhibition can currently see only limited and touch.

Because what Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari have announced that is pie in the sky: you put on that developed by the computer and consumer electronics company Apple infotainment system Carplay. It is intended to bring analogous to devices such as Airplay, the Web into the car and be there more than a mobile hotspot. In the new C-Class, for example, is shown on the display of the vehicle, the contents of the smart phones, the functions of the individual apps are controllable via touchpad and rotary pushbutton plate.

This is accompanied, of which tablet fans for years dreamed of: Uncluttered cockpits in Geneva 2014 boom. Be it in innovative Citroen Cactus, where in addition to the rectangular screen behind the wheel of a seven-inch touch screen monitor as for the control of air conditioning, audio and navigation system used. Or in the cockpit of the new Audi TT, even where the complete operation - except for the air conditioning functions - takes place on a freely configurable screen that accommodates example, speedometer and Navikarte. The fact that the VW Group to the virtual cockpit and operation via wipe and pat believes show in Geneva, several studies .   Also at Volvo you bet on the touch screen, seen here in the center console as a concept and to find from early next year in the XC90. The screen has roughly the size of an iPad and is the most important information from the navigation system, air conditioning and radio can show at the same time, so no cumbersome clicking through sub-menus is necessary. Even in so far as knobs love the interior of the Ford Focus is significantly decreased with the facelift, the number of switches.

© Matthias Knoedler / SP XAuch networking is a big issue   But not only the interiors of their cars trim the manufacturer on Lifestyle: A whole squad of mini-cars compete in Geneva to conquer the hearts of young buyers. Crunchy dimensions, a cute face and especially diverse customization options with body slides and accessories - accessories stand out about the third-generation Renault Twingo. No less individualized itself are the trio of identical models Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 Latter can be ordered even with houndstooth pattern on the sheet, all three future there will also also with fashionable roller roof.

This also has the Opel Adam Rocks for herself, in addition to any amount SUV insignia trim the city runabouts to pithy. And even the somewhat sparser Suzuki Celestio, the new small car model of the Japanese, in Geneva wears something off-planking for the visual effect.

Although the range of luxury vehicles in addition to this colorful potpourri of tots looks a little like fallen out of time - of course they are still there. How is the new S-Class coupe, still more clearly than its predecessor from the representative four-door away and correspondingly sporty positioned. Or the Lamborghini Huracan, which of course carries its 449 kW/610 hp 5.2 - liter V10 engine as its predecessor in the rear.

While the automaker therefore strive to serve both mass and niche taste, one of the Mega - Threads of the last exhibitions in Tokyo or Frankfurt is temporarily receded into the background: the electric mobility. Even if models such as the plug-in hybrids golf GTE make waiting in Geneva, on everyone's lips they are not. However, one must be sure that this theme is soon back on the agenda.