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Maserati related news

So the Alfa 8C and GTV might look like

Munich, 4. June 2018 Sergio Marchionnes five year Plan for FCA group (presented at the 1. June 2018) in addition to Jeep, especially Alfa Romeo and Maserati in the foreground. The Trident finally gets...

The FCA plans to 2022

Balocco, 1. June 2018 First of all, the Alfa-bomb exploded today in Balocco. The 700-HP mid-engine super sports car 8C, a 600-HP-BMW-M4-opponent, the name GTV, electrified two new SUVs, all part of the...

New Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Auburn Hills (USA), 2. May 2018 Dodge prepares us for the new model year of the Challenger and shows the first pictures of the new SRT Hellcat. Just like with the recently introduced Shakedown-package...

Maserati brings a 590-horsepower SUV

New York (USA), 29. March 2018 Maserati CEO Tim Kuniskis says it with plenty of Italian Pathos: "The Levant Trofeo is a proof that you can have a storm to conjure up, if you play with the elements." Wrong...

Touring Sciadipersia: Chic Tag

Milan (Italy), 5. March 2018 A Maserati GranTurismo is with you in the Garage? And you do not like to see its Design? Then on to Milan! There Touring Superleggera turns the GranTurismo by the Wolf, comes...

Chinese cars: Europe suitable for?

Guangzhou (China), 27. December 2017 Someday, Yes, someday I will get used to it, to test in China cars. At some point. I'm sure of it. But now, as the smoke turn of the diesel bus of a narrow concrete...

Time travel: on the Road in the first BMW M5

Estoril (Portugal), 23. November 2017 There was a time in the cars such as the Mercedes-AMG E 63 and the Audi RS 6 is still looming in the distant future. Who wanted to be in the middle of the 1980s, really...

Playboy was named after car manufacturer

Los Angeles (USA), 2. October 2017 The legendary founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner died last week at the age of 91 years. While Hef was not necessarily as an automotive enthusiast...

Large Luxury

Wiesbaden, 23. August 2017 With less than 1,700 newly registered cars in the year 2016 Maserati is one of the pretty little stamps. With 820 pieces, the numerically most important model, the Ghibli is...

All the info about the AvD-Oldtimer-GP 2017

Nürburgring, 8. August 2017 Next weekend (11. to 13. August 2017), the Nürburgring once again firmly in the hands of the historic Motorsports. To 45. Once the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix, according to the...