Ruf CTR3 Clubsport

IAA 2012 placed the small Bavarian car manufacturer before the new RUF CTR 3 Sports Club of the general public and bring out a sports car that can be driven on the track as well as road and musters plenty of performance and driving dynamics. Based on the Porsche 911 chassis with aerodynamic changes build on the sports car and is driven as a RUF CTR 3 Clubsport by a six-cylinder twin-turbo engine. The Boxer does so from its 3.8 liters of displacement, a concentrated performance of 750 hp and a brute torque of 960 Nm, which takes full effect already from 4000 rpm. The performance figures are according to the level of Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini : In just 3.2 seconds, the RUF CTR 3 Clubsport sprints to 100 km - about the sequential six-speed transmission sports car achieved a top speed of 370 km / h It goes without saying that the RUF CTR 3 Clubsport its power from the factory distributed to all four wheels and thus greatly reduced the slip. The aggressive look of the RUF CTR 3 Sports Club is underpinned by a powerful rear wing which provides sufficient downforce on the rear axle in order to equip the sports car for fast cornering.