Alfa-Romeo 8C Spider

The built in a special edition of 500 units worldwide since 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is considered the current flagship of the Milanese tradition manufacturer. Based on engine, transmission and chassis of the Maserati GranSport is available only in the colors of red and white Roadster with the Alfa 8C Competizione coupe was almost as spectacular as the sister model, set aside the glorious past of Alfa Romeo revive. That the 8C Spider doubt one of the most exciting open vehicle one of the world lies primarily in its fascinating exterior : Shining in the elegant 70s-style open-top super sports car with a body made ​​for a carbon fiber monocoque around by hand is, is 4.34 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.28 meters flat. Given the exciting forms of Cd value of 0.39 falls open 8C of no consequence. As engine the Alfa 8C Competizione Spider is a 450 hp V8 sports engine quietest border, no one knows the Alfa tuning among others the Ferrari F 430th So fired the flagship Alfa Romeo is expected to be 300 km / h to be fast, which could turn out to be, given the open design rather than theoretical value. More likely to implement the specified acceleration value of less than four seconds from zero to 100 km / h Who then has to brake suddenly, may rely on the prominent effect of the Brembo brake system used in the Alfa 8C Competizione.

by Lana Carlsen 2013-07-07 23:29:17
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Anonym 2017-11-23 17:59:14
can i look at the interior
Anonym 2017-11-22 15:24:07
For the decent parts that they offer, pricing is inappropriate...
Anonym 2017-11-22 15:15:16
Huge Range
Anonym 2017-11-18 23:41:43
Hi I'm looking for some SAAB 93 sports body trims
Anonym 2017-11-10 10:41:48
Anonym 2017-11-10 10:39:56