Jaguar XK

Apart from a few small changes to the new Jaguar XK available in March 2006 took over the body design of the " Advanced Lightweight Coupe 'study, the Jaguar in January 2005, presented at the Detroit Auto Show. The Jaguar XK 2006 is based on a monocoque structure made of aluminum, which is also used in the current Jaguar XJ in a similar form. A first facelift came the Jaguar XK in 2009, a second in 2011 on part. The luxury car is available as a three-door Jaguar XK Jaguar XK coupe and convertible with a fabric roof. Despite a curb weight of nearly 1.8 tons of sports car with all available engines is very fast on the road. Unfortunately only available in Germany limited the slight Jaguar XK 3.5 was sold with 258 hp. Since 2009, a 4.2-liter V8 is installed in the base model, making the 385th In just 5.2 seconds this Jaguar XK accelerates to 100 km, the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km / hr. It is even faster to the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine. This Jaguar XKR needs due to its 510 hp only 4.8 seconds to reach 100 km / h threshold. The six-speed automatic transmission is offered with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, the Jaguar Sequential Shift. As a special edition of the XKR 75 was available, the making 530 hp. This is topped by the Jaguar XKR-S, the V8 delivers 550 hp and a top speed of 300km / h is allowed.