Wiesmann GT MF5

For individuals with adequate financial resources, provides the German sports car manufacturer Wiesmann, with the Wiesmann GT MF5, a sports car of superlatives. With the MF5 GT sports car, the small blacksmith wants to sound the attack on Ferrari F430 and Porsche Carrera S and missed the Wiesmann GT MF5 a V8 biturbo engine with 4.4 liters, which comes from the BMW X5 and the forging of the nozzle in lms was modified such that it now delivers 600 hp and comes with a brute torque of 700 Nm to work. Thus equipped, the sports car happens in 3.9 seconds, 100 km / h mark and catapulted the car with up to 8,250 rev / min to 311 km / h The volmals built V10 cylinder (up to 2010) is now available only in used cars. The hand-made two-seater is connected via a sequential 7-speed transmission, optionally via steering wheel paddles or the shift lever classic. Naturally, it is also an automatic mode for easy driving, Wiesmann GT MF5 not missing. The interior of the Coupe 's finest nappa leather and seven dials dominate the appearance of the Wiesmann GT MF5. From the outside recalls the silhouette of the sports car at the old Jaguar E-Type, which comes in a modern design and a powerful rear spoiler.