Jaguar XS

The Jaguar XS is the new base model of the English heritage brand, which was founded on the initiative of the new owner, the Indian Tata Group, designed. With the Jaguar XS cars, the automaker wants to score, especially in the premium segment and competitors such as the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 and VW Passat alienate some buyers of new cars. Besides a new design that recalls the basic features of a Ford Mondeo, Jaguar XS is produced with a voluminous tailgate, aims to ensure easy loading of the saloon. Motor side is the new base model from England on four-cylinder engines. Thus, the bank faces a spectrum width 150-280 hp, which breaks down to petrol and diesel engines. To actively support the environment, the body of the Jaguar cars XS is made entirely of aluminum, giving the sedan provides an appropriate weight advantage and thus saves fuel. Whether there will be a version with hybrid drive, is not yet known, however, would be conceivable.