Jaguar F-Type

With the Jaguar F-Type is since 2013 a new open sports car of English wrought available that should be available to Mercedes-Benz SLK, Audi TT RS and Porsche Boxster. The Jaguar F-Type to particular lost ground open up again, which the English have closed a long time. Based on the C-X16 study is developed with the Jaguar F-Type a very lightweight sports car, which was constructed from an aluminum chassis and body. As the base also served the XK series, from which also the engine was removed. The revised V6 Beziner under the hood is for the Jaguar F-Type cars are ordered with or without turbo ventilator and delivers up to 380 hp. For a price of just under 70,000 euros, the buyer of a Jaguar F-Type gets a lot of car with an extensive standard equipment. Besides the usual gimmicks like ESP and airbags, the two passengers in the Jaguar F-Type set to sport seats with leather upholstery. Also at work facilities include an automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control and 19-inch alloy wheels. Surcharge the Jaguar F-Type can be optionally customized with additional assistance systems.

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