Jaguar Daimler Super Eight

The current Daimler Super Eight was introduced in August 2005. The luxury sedan from a British production is to be exclusive, refined and unique, and also the customer service is to present themselves fit for a king - for example with the " Daimler Royal Service ", the Daimler Super Eight owners intense and Louis XIII, and personally supervised him virtually all service work freely provides free home. Thus, the Daimler Super Eight drivers will be without a means of locomotion for a minute, he receives an adequate replacement vehicle for the duration of the visit to the workshop of his limousine. Every single Daimler Super Eight is only made to individual customer requirements. In addition, customers are invited once a year to Daimler-exclusive lounges that take place in four locations in Germany and in elegant surroundings. Should the buyer wish, he can take his new Daimler Super Eight directly in the British headquarters in reception. Under the hood lies the well-known V8 Supercharged, the Daimler Super Eight in 5.3 seconds from zero to 100 speeds (drive). Discover among the various offers in this website also armored vehicles and luxury - or stretch limousines.

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The_Necromancer 2016-01-22 13:09:54
Beautiful car which may likely be the very last Jaguar Daimler given the change of Tata rights to the name. A lot of people didn't like the stainless steel side vent on a Daimler but I disagree. It helps mare out the 2007/8 models as the last of an illustrious line. Given the superb luxury finish and adornment of the 'basic' Jaguars, the Daimler badge became rather obsolete but I think Jaguar missed a trick here. Given the boom of bespoke luxury vehicles Daimler could have been retained for flagship and commissioned vehicles in much the same way that Bentley retain Mulliner.

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