Renault Kangoo #15

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Little brother of the Doblò is much cheaper

Frankfurt, 26 July 2016 The Fiat qubo is the little brother of the Doblò. Like this (and its more well-known competitors Renault Kangoo, Citroën Berlingo, and VW caddy) he is a high-roof station wagon...

Auris top, insignia flop

Munich, 26 April 2016 Actually, the Automobile Club ADAC wanted to make Yes final breakdown statistics. Above all, the rankings for the puncture resistance of the models should fall away, which should...

Muscular A class - twin is already in the birth canal

Hong Kong, July 22, 2015 As early as 2013 Infiniti unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show as the Q30 study. Now based in the Hong Kong Nobel offshoot of Nissan shows a first image of the production...

Used check: Skoda Roomster Plenty of room

Plenty of room Front Fabia, hung MPV: the Skoda Roomster is the design of a daring way. Under the original shell lies a practical core but also capricious technology. Even though he looks like a high...