Ford Ka #6

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Ford Ka+: Large Model Care

Cologne, 5. February 2018 Ford polished its entry-level model: The Ka+ gets to the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) missed a comprehensive model of care. A new Active Version in the SUV-Look and...

Test Ford S-max 2.0 l TDCi

Ford S-max 2.0 l TDCi There are high-roof station wagons and vans - and the S-MAX, there are. The model from Cologne conceptual remains an exception in the car market. He combines the length and Variabilt├Ąt...

Flop on Fiat and Ford

Brussels (Belgium), 1 March 2017 Every time EuroNCAP released new crash test results, we're afraid that all cars have gotten five stars. That would indicate high road safety would be but but rather boring...

Genuine small car for under 10,000 euros

Cologne, June 8, 2016 From the old Ford Ka Ka + will in the future. The plus sign to express: the smallest Ford offers more in the future. Much more even. We were surprised how much more. We have explored...

Used check: Ford Ka No Ka - tzenjammer more

No Ka - tzenjammer more Not so original, but solid: The current Ford Ka makes a lot better than its ancestor. But no problem-free driving even the newer models not by the HU. The old Ka was sometimes...