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Forgotten Studies: German Giants

Hair, 5. April 2018 In 1991, the German manufacturer sunbathing in euphoria: Germany was reunited, the former East Germany, a new market was created. The new self-confidence showed up in mighty new launches...

Alpina XD3 and XD4

Buchloe, 9. March 2018 All demonize the Diesel, Alpina. So you could rewrite what the manufacturer (never say Tuner!) from the Allgäu with the current versions of the BMW X3 and X4. The SUV Duo gets right...

Blazingly fast: The new Alpina D5 S

Buchloe, 8. September 2017 The current Diesel-frustration Alpina met on the probably the most sensible way: clean and Bock. 388 HP and scary 800 Newton-meters brings the Buchloer development team from...

Presentation of Alpina B5 Biturbo Allrad Touring The 320-km/h-Combi

The 320-km/h-Combi A performance-oriented Sub-brand holds now almost every Premium manufacturer. At Mercedes-Benz it is the former Tuner AMG in Afalterbach, Audi puts the Audi Sport (quattro GmbH) in Neckarsulm...

The IAA for Oldtimer-fans

Essen, April 10, 2017 Approximately 1,250 exhibitors, more than 200 clubs and 2,700 vehicles in the offer for sale: The techno Classica has also 2017 can claim its position as the world's number one of...

This is the new B5 bi-turbo

Buchloe, 13 March 2017 It seems that die-hard BMW fans must be patient anything, to get the benefit of the next M5. I'm glad that there's Alpina. The small manufacturer from Buchloe now brings a serious...

Stronger than M3 and M4 and conveniently

Buchloe, 3rd March 2017 Alpina, the further development of turbocharging and associated cooling concept at the Centre has always been. The latest result of the effort are the improved models BMW Alpina...

600 hp in the Alpina - fives

Buchloe, November 23, 2015 On the 50th birthday of the Alpina small volume manufacturers donated the B5 Biturbo to the name " Edition 50 " special model baptized. With a number of 50 copies, however Alpina...

Alpina presents new 3 Series models

Buchloe, September 10, 2015 The company Alpina celebrates its fifty year anniversary at the IAA in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 2015). Included are the new models B3 and D3 and the B6 Bi - Turbo Coupe...

Update for the big small series coupe

Buchloe, February 12, 2015 For exactly 50 years arising from Alpina in Buchloe in Ostallgäu automotive products on BMW basis. Now the small manufacturers, the Alpina B6 Bi - Turbo Coupe Gran made ​​with...