BMW Alpina B6 S

The BMW Alpina B6 S is all time with 530 hp and 725 Nm of torque, the most powerful BMW 6 Series. This engine is part of the BMW tuning company Alpina Coupe finished the circle of sports cars that have no problems with speeds beyond 300-km/h-Marke. Exactly 318 km / h are given for the Alpina B6S and still unimpressed the luxury coupé takes its tracks at this pace, without even the slightest fidgeting would be felt in the steering. Compared to its predecessor the Alpina B6 4.4-liter V8 in the new BMW Alpina coupe was modified again : the Alpina engineers have managed to reduce inter alia, the combustion and exhaust temperatures significantly. The fuel consumption of the BMW Alpina B6 S remained thus despite 30 hp more power with "only" 12.3 liters per 100 km. The interior of the BMW Protzes force prevails pure luxury : The leather sports seats are comfortable and adjustable in many ways. There are also blue colored instruments and two additional rear seats that should be used but rather as additional storage space. Using electronic joystick on the center console serves the six-speed Switchtronic. With the manually selectable sport mode, not only can the transmission electronics, but also adjust the variable attenuator. As a result, the BMW Alpina B6 S itself always remains perfectly stable in tight corners. Thanks to its balanced suspension, the 1.7-ton 6 Alpina is also perfect for long highway trips. Its additional advantage : In 450 liter boot space can accommodate any amount of luggage.