600 hp in the Alpina - fives

Buchloe, November 23, 2015

On the 50th birthday of the Alpina small volume manufacturers donated the B5 Biturbo to the name " Edition 50 " special model baptized. With a number of 50 copies, however Alpina could not serve customers, which is why the more powerful engine is now standard equipment in the " normal " B5 Biturbo.

Top speed: 328 km / h

The 4.4-liter V8 biturbo makes only 600 hp and brings 800 Nm to the rear axle of the B5. Within 4.2 seconds sprinting Saloon and Touring as from zero to one hundred ?? Deadline is only at 328 km / h. By comparison, a normal BMW five is braked already 250 km / h from the electronics. Optionally, a titanium exhaust system is available, which should be the sound very beneficial not only, but also saves nearly 17 kilograms of weight.

Adaptive suspension and six-piston brake

An adaptive sports suspension with electronically adjustable dampers and for active roll stabilization to improve road holding and comfort. As standard a differential lock on the rear axle is installed. Mounted surcharge Alpina at the front a formidable six-piston fixed-caliper brake.

expensive fun

The interior is enhanced with high-quality Merino leather from BMW. Among other things, the noble animal skin in B5 Biturbo spreads recently made ​​on the instrument panel. For B5 Biturbo sedan 108,600 Euro be called a B5 Biturbo Touring fails with 111,500 euros. ( mf )