Alpina presents B4 S Edition 99

Alpina presents a special edition of his B4's, which in turn is a faster version of the B4 Biturbo, which of course is a particular alternative for a regular BMW 440i. That it is always a special experience, it is proven once again.

The special Alpina B4 S hot Edition of 99, and stands out to begin with by even a bit more power than the 440 hp and 660 Nm of strong regular B4 S. In the Edition 99 is the dubbelgeblazen zespitter of BMW to 454 hp and 680 Nm. The car comes as a coupe and cabriolet, and where the open version of 4.3 counting needs for the sprint from 0 to 100, the coupé with a 4.2 count a little faster. Who, at any cost, the last tenths of a second in his pocket, want to get to, can better a coupé with xDrive-all-wheel drive ordering. Then the whole thing is already in 3,9 behind the back. The top speed is in all cases just above 300 km/h.

But the Edition 99 offers more than just a slightly more powerful engine. The car is distinguished by a lightweight exhaust from the well-known company Akrapovic, a sportier suspension, a limited slip differential and 20-inch wheels in the well known Alpina-style. The interior is graced by – the compartment at least partially covered with Alcantara-lined race seats and nice details, such as up / down shifters with the Alpina-logo. The cabriolet gets a more comfortable-looking, but also less sporty seats.

The most striking 'detail', however, is the color. The Edition 99 is available in five different colors, but the bright orange on the displayed coupé manages to be nice to the other four to the background to displace. For those who still want to know: the Edition 99 is also available in grey, blue, white and black. Who for the eye-catching orange, this can possibly combine with retro-style wrap of the top, which in that case, anthracite is performed. Dark wheels and a striking 'BMW ALPINA' on the front wing make the appearance in that case is complete.

Then rest is still the answer to the question that's on everyone's lips lit: '99', take the Edition 99 to the number of copies in which the car is built. If you want, you should no doubt soon come into action.