Blazingly fast: The new Alpina D5 S

Buchloe, 8. September 2017

The current Diesel-frustration Alpina met on the probably the most sensible way: clean and Bock. 388 HP and scary 800 Newton-meters brings the Buchloer development team from the 3.0 litre Triturbo inline six-cylinder. Admittedly, The new BMW M550d has twelve HP more (at 760 Newton metres), but electronically at 250 things tight. The new Alpina D5 S runs a maximum of 286 km/h, the D5 S Touring makes three km/h. All of this provides the allgäu-based Business athlete the title of world's fastest production diesel in the world (so far the Porsche Panamera had a 4S Diesel with 285 km/h).

0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds

The acceleration values are also impressive: 0-100 km/h, the D5 S in 4.4 seconds. The combination makes it in 4.6 seconds. This is exactly the number of strokes presenting with four Turbos equipped M550d. The fuel consumption of the BMW improver of 6.6 litres (of 6.9 for the combined offer). The exhaust gas EN-diesel particle filter, NOx storage catalytic Converter and urea injection is treated by Alpina. The AdBlue Tank has a capacity of 21 litres.

A Lot Of The Chassis

In terms of suspension, Alpina is also in the Full. Also, in the Diesel that gets the same skills as the 330 km/h fast 608-horsepower gasoline engine B5 p. All D5's are now driving with a Alpina-optimized, still tail-heavy out of all-wheel drive provided on xDrive-base. On request you can get a mechanical Drexler differential lock. For more curves-the Verve a new sport suspension arms with their own front-axle transverse, electronically adjustable Bilstein dampers and shorter, stiffer springs. The D5 S Touring gets to the rear axle air suspension. The brake work, take the new Brembo stoppers with 395er discs at the front and 398er discs at the rear. Italian also the tyres are, because for the first time since more than 32 years, should Pirelli pull the stick back to its gums on the luminary 20-spoke rims. The P Zero comes with its own Alpina-detection in sizes 255/35 ZR 20 front and 295/30 ZR20 in the rear (285/30 at the Touring).

From 87.900 Euros

If you want to make your fixed Deposit account is still a bit empty, you can let off steam in Alpina's driving dynamics Department, but is still significantly wilder. The new sports suspension Plus give a rear-axle steering and active roll stabilization. Inside you can expect as always a bunch of fancy stitched leather Alpina sports steering wheel. The full-color, digital instrument cluster changes according to the driving mode of display. The prices for the D5 S saloon start at 87.900 euros, the D5 S Touring costs at least 90.400. For comparison: The BMW M550d is 85,000, respectively, 87.500 Euro. Mark the start for the Alpina Diesel is in November 2017.(sw)